There’s a reason why I don’t like winter in NZ. Because when I walk into my house, it feels like I walked straight into a fridge. It just gets too cold at home to do anything but eat— even moving around the house becomes difficult due to my Eskimo attire.

Like many other students living in NZ, I am also living in a cold, damp home. It never bothered me before because I thought it was normal; everyone else seemed to be living in cold homes too. But after getting a chance to understand more about NZ homes in one of my assignments, I realised that I was living in an unhealthy home. Cold, damp homes may seem harmless, but in reality they do us a lot of harm in many aspects of our lives.

We think there’s nothing we can do, but there is.

So why this blog? Because I don’t want to ignore a problem when I see one, especially when this problem is a serious one. Unhealthy homes is a big issue here in NZ and I know as a student and a tenant living in NZ, we somehow have to put up with it. We think there’s nothing we can do, but there is. So instead of waiting or relying on others to change, there are actually things we can do right now to make our homes warmer and drier.

So this blog really is for all of us— international or local students living in fridges…Oh, I mean living in cold homes. It’s bad for you! And if it’s bad for you, it’s bad for your mates too. So with this blog, it really is a space for all of us to share the things we can do right now, tips we can learn and habits we can change to make our homes healthier today!


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